Think Fasting & Prayer by Pastor Nick Serb

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To fast or not to fast. It is not a question. It is a humbling decision of ‘when’ not ‘if’.

Whether you’ve fasted before or not, Pastor Nick Serb will take you on a seven-day, step by step journey, including ‘what’ and ‘how to’. He unravels the secrets of Biblical fasting, the joy that comes with it, and how it can convey a sense of God’s presence. He also shares testimonies of God’s healing power and spiritual breakthrough resulting from fasting and prayer, as it relates into life’s difficulties in relationships, finances and troubled times.

From the ‘Empowered for More Series’, this practical guide can be used individually, in a small group or collectively with a church. God’s purpose for you is to find joy throughout this journey. Are you ready to begin?

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Pastor Nick Serb is a native of Romania and has been serving God in Transformation Centre, Lisburn, Northern Ireland, since February 2007. He is a graduate of Belfast Bible College, with a Diploma in Biblical Studies and Church Mission. He also has a BA degree in Psychology from Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu, Romania. Nick has an insatiable zest for God’s Church, life and a great love for preaching and teaching. He started preaching at the age of fourteen, often while travelling with his father, Nick Senior, a church planter. He enjoys fitness and football among the usual pastoral duties, and is listed as an assistant referee with the Irish Football Association. He is married to Michele, and they have three children.

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