The Lost Mission By Pekingto Y Jimo

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This book depicts the true accounts of unsung heroes of the Naga Mission to China 1967-69 that had been left untold. Emotional stories of lovers that could never be together again; stories of soldiers who came back home to find that their wives and fiancées had found other partners; sad accounts of soldiers who never again saw their families and loved ones. Accounts of harrowing experiences undergone by Naga Army of the Mission.

Prior to the advent of the British Empire, Nagaland was a free and independent nation, free from the shackles of alien invasion. However, when the British left India, Nagaland was thrown into the covetous hands of India who invaded her, using force and claiming rights over the land and its people. Atrocities and inhuman treatment meted out to its citizens forced the Naga National Council (NNC) and the Federal Government of Nagaland, to resort to arms, in order to liberate her people and the land from the clutches of a foreign grip.

India sent her mighty armed forces to quash the Naga Army that was fighting for its legitimate and inherent rights. Those highly disciplined Indian Armed Forces executed in spirit, the principle of “all is fair in love and war:” many Naga women were raped and tortured to death. Nagaland soon became another battlefield that had been soaked with the blood of many a thousand soldiers from both armies.

Later, the Federal Government of Nagaland commissioned a batch of Naga Army on a diplomatic mission to China, to seek their help in recognising the sovereignty of Nagaland as a nation.

The 312 brave men of the command displayed an inimitable gallantry and actions above and beyond the call of duty. Outsmarting the Burmese Armed Forces in over twenty gunfights and battles in their own terrain, the Nagas accomplished the Mission and reached home victorious, to find out they were deceitfully betrayed.

With years of research and written with passion; read how these brave men including the author’s father, went on a mission of love for their country and family in The Lost Mission.



Pekingto Y. Jimo was born into a poor agricultural family in a small village in Nagaland, India. At the age of 12, he and his two sisters weathered a harsh reality of losing their mother, and their dad would raise them by himself.

Later in his life Pekingto would marry Satemlila and they have been blessed with a daughter and a son. In 2005, he graduated in Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English (BA Eng. Hons) and later completed MA in English; also earned a Bachelor and a Master degrees in Education (B.Ed M.Ed) and Bachelor of Laws (LLB). At present he serves as a Graduate Teacher in the School Education Department of Nagaland.

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