From Brokenness to Blessing by Victoria Ashby


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‘A collection of poetry’

“Poetry will take us on a journey in words and as those words come together the rhymes come forth.” 

 It was in both in dark nights and light of day that God would place words into this poet’s heart. Sentences would form, verses would appear… God was teaching her… His lessons. It is in those words of His that we feel His presence, His power and His glory. 

Whether you find yourself in darkness or in light, this collection of poetry has been written from the heart of a person whom seeks God. This book will help you journey in grace, revealing His hand is with you and His direction is clear to guide you. 

Included in the book is amazing illustrations  


Victoria Ashby classes herself as a normal Christian woman serving an extraordinary God. Gifted in poetry, God has used her poems to speak to many people throughout the world. She resides in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

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