True BRANDING never settles for second place. With our branding expertise we also enjoy designing all aspects of branding for individuals and corporate. Our team can help ‘Create, Brand and Establish’ your concept! Whether a new idea or expanding an existing one allow us to break you FREE!

Spottea & Dottea are born!
MWM created Spottea & Dottea characters, their team, logo, books, website, mugs, birthday & get-well cards, caps.

‘Spottea & Dottea Travels’ ® A registered Trademark of Maurice Wylie Media was launched with the author Melanie O’Sullivan from Bantry, Co. Cork, the same year as MWM was formed. With the initial launch in Bantry, the brand was requested to hold a second launch in London. The brand comes with ‘full-colour’ books with inspirational stories, drawing the reader into an awareness of what God has for them in this life.

The brand has now been featured in major radio stations, newspapers, magazines and has now entered mainstream schools.
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Click here to listen to Spottea & Dottea adventure on radio

Hope is born!
In 2014 Dawn McConnell spoke with our director and told him of how God placed in her heart a vision to help those who have been diagnosed with cancer with a FREE stay at a lovely apartment overlooking the sea in Whitehead.

MWM rolled out their branding plan and created a unique logo, website, flyers, business cards, external banners, collection buckets,
pop-up banners, tabards, letterheads, receipt books, etc.

The ‘Hope House’ (Ireland) brand is now a registered charity and has been featured in magazines, national newspapers and television. With continued support from volunteers and partners raising money their intention is to be able to purchase their first building.

” Maurice Wylie Media team have been outstanding in supporting me personally and for helping me get Hope House up and running. I could not have done it without you. Their are not enough words to Thank You’s for all you have done and the best is yet to come.” Dawn McConnell, Founder

MWM branded the website and has created video trailer, promotional leaflets and had the team share on television and the radio.

The popular chartered accountants of Ballymena asked for a website and MWM delivered a class simple professional site as instructed by their client.

Public Relations

Looking good isn’t just about your latest launch or achievement, it’s about delivering a message to the world about what you’ve accomplished. With media reaching from print to web and mobile, there’s no time like the present to show yourself off to the public.

Whether it’s publications, influential blogs, local and national newspapers, radio, TV stations, bookshops, distribution networks with our team that’s worked in every facet of public relations. From social media marketing and magazine collaboration to special press coverage and print space we’re here to shine a light on what you are seeking to do.

With our experience we would be an asset if you are seeking to get your ‘NEWS’ out there!
With our friends in the media they will soon be aware of your achievement and with our main belief – to give you the best! You know you will be in good hands.

Our PR team has been able to place our clients on to major radio stations, local & national newspapers, TV and magazines.

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