Why Me God? By Margaret Cornell

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In October 2017 Margaret was very shocked when she was diagnosed with Stage Four Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She was given two months to live, with the possibility that treatment might not work in a 73-year-old woman.

The evil disease held her hostage for months, during which she sought God with all her heart for her freedom. Even though she believed in healing, and had taught others about healing for over thirty years, there was one troubling question; “she had to know why this disease came upon her?”

Separating herself from the voice of Man, God gave her the strategy to overcome her illness and be free from cancer and walk in perfect health.

This book will instruct you in the steps that you too can take to find your freedom as you read “Why Me God?”

What others have said…

“I know Margaret personally, and in that season, she faced the fact that God is either her healer or He is not. Knowing the possibility that she could die she decided to believe God anyway.” Dan Chesney, Pastor of London Alive Church and LG3 Ministries

“If you are contending for a healing miracle or need your faith encouraged, this book is an absolute must.” Daniel Holland, Evangelist with “Through Faith Missions”

“I love her deep transparency of the ups and downs of her battle, and the sheer honesty of her heart in sharing how her faith in Christ brought her through, and her heartfelt desire to believe in what she knew to be God’s truth.” Rod Anderson, Senior Pastor Commonwealth Christian Fellowship, London.


Page count 160 pages


About the Author

Margaret has been happily married to her husband Tony for over 50 years. They both were trained schoolteachers, and in 1982, together they were called to pioneer a church in Ely Cambridgeshire which they led successfully for 25 years. Currently they are representatives of Mark Virkler’s USA ministry in Europe, still actively preaching and teaching people to hear God’s voice and live in the Holy Spirit. They have 3 sons and 4 grandchildren.

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