Sunbeams in the Mist by Elizabeth Hamill

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“A collection of poetry and stories celebrating God and His creation”

Shadows are with us all from childhood to old age, we have to search in the mists of life to find the sunbeams. The mists are made up of – grief, regret, anger, illness, spiritual blindness and so much more.  It is only in our walk with God that we can find the sunbeams of faith, trust and hope to lead us through these times.

The Bible reveals how God’s people walked through their mists, in search of the Light! Just like them in our everyday walk with the Lord, we also seek to go beyond the mist that sometimes can surround us.

Elizabeth has crafted within these pages, an art form of words weaved with delightful poetry and stories of old from her hometown Ballymena, to her favourite animals in the Bible, to the person of Jesus Christ, and so much more.

Be inspired and challenged you as you read ‘Sunbeams through the Midst.’


 “As our members explored Scripture, Elizabeth always managed to bring fresh insights to passages and to ground these insights in everyday life.

Canon Stuart Lloyd

Retired Rector, St. Patrick’s Church, Ballymena, Northern Ireland.


About the Author

Born and raised in Ballymena, Elizabeth (Liz / May) is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Three years ago she retired from her much loved position as an I.T.C. Tutor. She is a committed Christian and has been a member of St. Patrick’s church in the town for many years.  Elizabeth and her husband have three sons and a daughter. Their second son Chris sadly died in 1984 at the age of twenty-two.


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