A Prodigal’s Diary by Gary Cowie

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Memories: like the nostalgic smell that comes from an open window, taking you back to Sunday dinner at Mum’s. A song on the radio, reminding you of that moment of time. A road; where an accident took place. Life is full of memories, good or bad.

Then, what about that moment when we once committed our life to God; optimistically looking forward to a bright future. What if we had followed through? What if we hadn’t been enticed by those temporal pleasures that lured us away from Him? What if we had believed His promises, not just given mental assent? How different might it all have been?

But turning to the solace of temporary comforts ended up worsening our pain, entrapping us in addiction and slavery to an unmerciful master. Maybe God would have been our comfort? Maybe He would have shown mercy? But is it too late?

Be encouraged as you read A Prodigal’s Diary.



Gary is a father, husband, brother, son, and teammate. He was raised up in church and continues to be part of God’s family, with a vision to
change the world by challenging men to be men; to stand up and be counted.

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