When a Father Leaves by Ann Evelyn

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Sometimes what goes on behind closed doors can be very different to what we see with our eyes. The reason I want to share my story is not to show that I’m a victim but to illustrate that no matter how bad a start we may have in life; it can change for the better. We can make choices to live a better life than the generation before. We do not have to live as they lived, but we can make decisions in our own lives to love and respect ourselves and others.


Abuse can be passed down from one generation to the next. It can be learned behaviour and the people involved see no wrong as it’s all they know. It’s carried out because of ignorance and a lack of compassion. This is my story…

About the author

Ann Evelyn was born and raised in Ireland. In the past number of years she has committed her life to helping people who have walked the same path as herself.


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