Some Outstanding Characters of the Bible – Theodore C Danson


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This in-depth and exciting look into fourteen men and women is more riveting than any modern-day “reality show.”

These stories are real and raw: such as only God could orchestrate. Every reader will see some of themselves in each personality and circumstance. God will reveal into this how He is alongside them throughout each twist and turn; in every natural and supernatural scenario.

Author Dr. Theodore C. Danson Smith has chosen some of the most interesting and intriguing people from the Bible and brings to life their intimate struggles and triumphs, their failures and successes.

From Lot’s wife and Rahab to Josiah, Jehoshaphat, and ten others, you will learn more about these amazing servants of God. In this you will also learn more about yourself. As you reveal the countless parallels between these centuries-old stories and your everyday problems, hurts, questions, and worries, you provide God with the opening to empower you to solve every issue you will ever face.

Based exclusively on the Bible, not only will you expand your knowledge of God’s Word, you will find peace and wisdom through realising the never-ending and abundant love of your heavenly Father.



Dr. Theodore C. Danson Smith went to be with Christ in May 2018, after a lifetime of Christian service. He had a
burning passion for the Word of God and for making its message better known via both the spoken and the written
word. His sermons were preached in various churches throughout Great Britain and were very well received.


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