Finding God’s Path in a Dark Season by Ken & Alison Davidson



‘He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.’ (Mat. 5.45)

Whether we are a Christian or not, during some part of our life, a season of darkness will come knocking on our life and will seek to engulf us. It is in such seasons of darkness that we need to know how to find God’s path, to guide us out of darkness and into the light.

For many individuals, a season of darkness could be when your child has been rushed into hospital and your heart is beating with panic and worry. Or perhaps a medical consultant informs you to go home and let your family know that time is no longer on your side.

A season of darkness could be a difficult financial time, a bankruptcy or loss of a job, or it could be a time when your child has wandered from God. So many potentially difficult and challenging situations can create a season of darkness in our lives.

For Ken Davidson, his season of darkness was when he was faced with several threats to his life, a season of drugs and alcohol, homelessness, several bereavements in his immediate family and much more.

Alison Davidson was raised in a Christian home, yet even with this nurturing environment, she rebelled against her family and God. Later, both Ken and Alison dramatically experienced the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ. When Alison was diagnosed with M.E. at an early age, the debilitating illness came back with a vengeance when Alison and Ken got married, a time when their marriage was already under severe stress and they found themselves and their relationship coming asunder. But God had another plan as He has a plan for you!

You will find yourself spiritually enabled against your own seasons of darkness as you read, Finding God’s Path in a Dark Season.

About the Authors

Ken Davidson is founder and pastor of Christ Encounters Tabernacle, Gilford, Northern Ireland. From its inception in 2017 it has dramatically grown in all ways. Before being ordained, Ken served for numerous years under Pastor James McConnell of The Metropolitan Tabernacle, Belfast and later pastored Donaghcloney Elim, when he witnessed the increase of that congregation.  He has a unique ability to reveal Christ through the Word of God, his hunger for the lost is evident as he ministries in gospel gatherings across Ireland and beyond.

Alison Davidson is Ken’s wife and they have two daughters, Jodie and Ellie. As Ken’s number one supporter, she has a passion to see women being strong in life. Known for her passion for the Word of God and her sense of humour, she too is devoted to reach souls of Christ.

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