The Dancing Quill by Anato Swu


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The Dancing Quill’ is a collection of poetry which has been penned from the poet’s life experiences, to give deeper understandings to the seasons of life. Each poem reveals depths in God and hidden riches of an unperfected life who allowed the Master to use his writing as a gift to touch this world.

Aptly named, “The Dancing Quill”, with his signature ‘Lines and Rhymes’, Anato has now put together a wonderful collection of his inspirational poetries that covers an array of subjects.

Be inspired as ‘The Dancing Quill’, reveals who God is on the turn of each page.


I am but the humble Dancing Quill

Who dances according to His Will.

To script my poems and my story

Is and will always be for His glory.



Anato Swu is renowned for his exceptional gift of poetry in his homeland of Nagaland, India, and is undoubtedly one of the finest poets of our day.

Leaving college, he started training to be a surgeon in the hope to help others. Ironically, a few years into his training, he himself would need the help when he became a drug addict and found himself on a path of self-destruction, as told in his autobiography ‘A Diamond of Dust.’ But…

God had another plan for his life beyond drugs and as that plan unfolded his life’s journey took a beautiful turn…and now the author-poet travels the world sharing the message of hope and love through his testimony and writings.

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