Prepare for Revival by Christine Fielding-black

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In Prepare for Revival, you will taste what miracles the transforming power of Jesus can do. Read how a lady immersed in the New Age found healing through His all-forgiving Love. The story of Christine Fielding-Black is a page-turner. As she allowed the Holy Spirit to move in her wounds and fragilities, her heart was set ablaze with the fear of the Lord. Her passion for the lost souls led her to share the Gospel to the four corners of the earth.


You can experience the same breakthrough in your life, no matter how dark and hopeless your circumstances are. Even in the abysses of your existence, Jesus can rescue you and make you His ambassador to the nations. As you read this book, the spirit of Revival will be birthed in you and you will:

  • Be a tool in His hands to set other people ablaze for Him;
  • Experience the wonders of His love and His heart for the lost and dying of this world;
  • Receive His abundant riches for your life in supernatural ways.

Our Creator wants to bring restoration in your life. He desires to use you for His purposes on earth, to revive smoking flaxes for Him. This is the time for us to be made ready for the Master to invade our lands with His glorious Presence!


About the Author

Christine Fielding-Black is a minister of the Word, used by God in the UK and worldwide. At a young age, she downed in a spiral of depression and counterfeit spirituality. But God has a plan for her. In the hardest time of her life, she had divine encounters that lead her towards the destiny God dreamt for her. Christine began to write Prepare for Revival more than 25 years ago. After much waiting, her journey into His Glory is now a book, now held in your hand.

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