The Keys to Unlocking God’s Wealth by Liam McNamara

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Time for change. Time for a new mindset!

In Psalm 50:10, we read about ‘God owning the cattle on the thousand hills,’ but do you know anyone who has found them?

Prosperity teachers have convinced followers to give, give, give, and God will then meet your need. If this is the full truth, then the crippled man in Acts 3:6 would never have been healed. Have you not read… Peter was on his way to worship God with no offering. And the crippled man never gave an offering before his healing.

Scripture promises us; ‘My God shall supply all of your needs.’ (Phil. 4:19) Yet, many work long hours and still our needs are not met. The Old Testament promises; ‘You shall lend to many nations, you shall not borrow.’ Deut. 28:12 And yet we’re drowning in debt, unable to get our head above the water.

In this life-changing book, the author shares real life stories of when he lost his fortune, his home, mother’s land, marriage, business, etc. To the moment when God steps into his life and he learned God’s ways are higher than his!

It’s time to go from serving money, to money serving you, through this life-changing book ‘The keys to unlocking God’s wealth.’


About the Author

Liam McNamara is a successful entrepreneur and has over 40 years experience of developing and running businesses. He was a director of a number of companies in the food industry. He later developed his own food marketing and distribution business selling it to a large multinational. In 1990 he set up his own financial services business trading as MCN Associates, which includes an accountancy firm. He is a qualified financial adviser and is a CPA Certified Tax Adviser. In 2018, he established 33Plus3, a Christian organisation using God’s principles to help businesses and churches advance their cause.

He is married to Mary, who is a director of her family’s 3rd generation jewellers. Mary also holds the position of director in a number of other social enterprises.

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