Ahoy There! All Aboard! By Melanie O’Sullivan

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An instruction…a map…a pair of determined tortoises…and an adventure across the Cypress forest! Join Spottea and Dottea in a race against time as TeamBEST set out to help Noah before a great flood comes! Will they succeed in their quest? Will they get on board? Uncover which decisions they make as you turn the pages of the ladybirds’ latest journey to discover hidden truths!

Designed for those years of understanding each book carries

Real life issues
Bible based story
Different personalities
Follow-up questions
Seek & find throughout the book
Personal note & prayer for the child
48 pages of full colour in artistic design

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About the Author

Melanie O’Sullivan is originally from South Africa and lives now in Bantry Bay in Ireland with her husband and their four children who all love Spottea and Dottea. Her incredible ability to bring God’s truth through education has brought Spottea and Dottea and their friends to life. She is a dedicated Christian, an experienced primary school teacher and holds a Higher Diploma in Education, BA and B-ED Hons degrees.

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