What Does It Take? By Pastor Jack McKee



What Does It Take? is a gripping account of what can happen when God takes a person from the indoor safety zone of what is deemed as church life, to the spiritual battlefields that exist just outside the front door of church…

With Bible College completed and a congregation waiting on him, Jack McKee was now in a position to return to his hometown of Belfast, Northern Ireland as a pastor. Shortly after his return, he quickly realised that something wasn’t right… the ‘how to do church’ manual didn’t seem to be working out to what God had placed within him. He was ready to be ‘God’s man of the hour’ but little did he know that calling would take him to sit in front of terrorist commanders, lead to murder attempts on his life, his home being attacked, rescuing people from a death and punishment list, to now having a team of like-minded people around him, reaching into the heartland of paramilitary areas of Belfast.

The ‘Peace Walls’ may still stand, but slowly and surely the walls within people’s hearts are being demolished by the love of Christ. Among those being reached are one-time hardened terrorists who have given their lives to Jesus. Men who one time would not have hesitated to kill each other, now standing united in God. Families being restored, food-banks reaching out, life in the community is being changed daily as they continue to reach out providing the answer to… “What does it take?”

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About the Author

Jack McKee is a well-known pastor from Northern Ireland. He is not afraid to speak out against the ‘wrongs’ within his community and government. His heart is to protect the innocent at all costs, even to the point of leaving down his own life. Ministering in an area where paramilitaries have ruled for years, he continues to reach into the Protestant and Catholic communities.

As a minister he has shared across churches in the UK and Ireland, Germany, Canada and across the USA.

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