The Window of my Soul by Alison Murphy

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Written from the heart, Alison’s account of her journey through life is inspiring, personal and moving.

Her problems begin when during tough times her marriage starts to fall apart. It is then that she is diagnosed with mental illness.

Although her entire life is filled with adversity, she is a fighter. With the help of God and her loyal family and friends she is determined to overcome what has befallen her.

Travel with Alison as she faces health challenges as well as insults from people around her. Witness Alison’s transformation into a new and better person. A transformation that could only be achieved with the help of God.

Read about her resilience and courage as she faces not only schizophrenia but sexual abuse and life-threatening cancer.

You will never forget Alison’s heartfelt story in The Window of my Soul.

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Page Count: 80

About the Author

Alison Murphy was raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. At the age of twenty-seven, after a traumatic period in my marriage, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Thirty years later, she was diagnosed with cancer.

This is Alison’s personal story about her journey through cancer, and her unshakeable Christian faith.