The Triumph of Faith by Pastor Marcus Thomas

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It was over twenty-one years ago that Marcus and his wife Pat arrived on the shores of Northern Ireland and it wasn’t long before they found out — it was very difficult to travel anywhere in Northern Ireland without meeting a family who had never been affected by the Troubles. Such was the reach of the conflict.

At the centre of the book are stories of Christian people who suffered traumatic events during the years of the Troubles. Woven into the telling of these precious stories is the message of Christian suffering and its place in our lives.

Stories include…

Rodney Wilson – Mountain Lodge Massacre

Paul Elliott – A Christian family targeted by terrorists.

Sara-Louise Martin – Daughter of Inspector Martin who was murdered.

Maggie Burrows – Brother-in-law murdered – Herbie Burrows.

David Clements – He tells the story of his dad’s murder – Billy Clements.

And more.

Page count: 198

About the author

Pastor Marcus Thomas, and his wife Pat, now live in South Wales, where he was born. Although retired, Marcus is still active in Christian ministry. He is involved in sports chaplaincy, preaching regularly and writing Christian books.