The Transforming Presence by Tom McCann


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When Tom McCann arrived in Northern Ireland as a teenager he was in for a bit of a shock. The dark clouds and endless rainy weather, the straight-laced culture and the external rule based evangelical norms he found himself in were all so different from the balmy, sunny, care free days he left behind in Brazil. Nevertheless, life has a way of making you confront reality and over time he was forced to ask some very fundamental questions about himself and about what he believed.

One night in his hunger for more he cried out to the Lord, “Surely you must have something more for me than this…Please show me what you want me to do with my life!”

That cry was to take Tom on a journey of discovery to find answers to the questions that burned in his heart…” Is it possible to experience God’s presence and know His provision in daily life? How do you live beyond the realm of your own ability? Is such a life even possible?”

In this dynamic book the author shares, from his own experience in business, how he found the reality of God to be more than he ever thought possible. He exposes the central obstacle that blocks our route into the enjoyment of His Presence and uncovers how we can “enter God’s rest” and live in a new dimension beyond our own ability and effort.

Join Tom on his journey as he charts the route into a life of abiding intimacy and union with Jesus. This is where we encounter His Transforming Presence and His ability is released within us!


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Tom McCann was born in Rio Grande do Sul, the most southern state of Brazil where his parents were missionaries. In 1969, he left Brazil and his family and came back to live in Northern Ireland. He spent most of his career as a business man managing a company within the machine tool industry.

Tom married Hazel in 1977 and they have four children and at the last count, nine grandchildren.