The Tattooed Saint by Kevin Cockburn

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On the night of Kevin Cockburn’s arrest, he lay face down in the back of a Mariah police van. His captors spoke excitedly, “We’ve got a big score here; you’re going down for years, mate!” What unimaginable circumstances must have brought Kevin to this point?!

Kevin was born stained with evil. The baptism water was the bleach to disinfect his contaminated soul. The moment Kevin’s cleansed body was exorcised from his wet grave, it was official; he was reborn into a cult. Separated from the world, from any child’s perspective, what goes on behind closed doors can seem normal. The reality? It was simply inhumane and cruel!

Escaping the cult, Kevin was catapulted into a world he had never known. Haunted by memories, he desperately tried to escape the cult’s curse through the comfort of drugs and the rave scene. Inadvertently, Kevin became trapped in the Liverpool underworld of drug cartels. An accidental gangster, running from his past, he stumbled headfirst into a life of crime and a gunfight for which he was unprepared. His past would follow him into prison and bring him to the end of his rope! Was it the point of no return?

This book is a true story about an extraordinary life and will keep you on the edge of your seat with thrills, dangers, and the drive of a life seeking change before his time would run out in ‘The Tattooed Saint.’


Page Count: 252




Kevin Cockburn had a life changing encounter while serving time in prison. After his release, he became a university graduate and then qualified as a chartered surveyor.  He works within the property industry.

As a volunteer, he has returned to prison and helps prisoners come to terms with their crimes and the effects on their victims. He is also part of an organisation that helps resettle former convicts. Being married to his beautiful wife Vicky and having three girls, family time is vital in his life.