NEW RELEASE – A Plentiful Rain by Joanna Gadd


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Joanna Gadd embarked on an extraordinary path, driven by a divine calling to minister through education in the schools of China. In this captivating memoir, A Plentiful Rain, she shares her profound love for the land, its people, and the transformative journey orchestrated by God.

Honest and vulnerable in style, Joanna’s words flow with an authenticity that resonates deeply. She invites readers into her heart, where the process of restoration unfolds amidst the arid “desert” of her life. Through struggles, illness, and unexpected detours, she unveils the profound workings of God’s grace and healing power.

This memoir is not only a compelling account of a unique mission journey, but it also helps the reader understand the rich tapestry of Chinese culture.

If you are interested in world missions or have had roadblocks in your life, this story will offer you hope, faith, and a reminder that even in the driest seasons, God’s grace can reach you.

Discover the transformative power of faith and resilience within the pages of A Plentiful Rain.



Joanna Gadd served in China for a number of years until 2016, and she eagerly anticipates her return. Raised in a Christian home in Somerset, England, she embraced Christianity at a young age. Her fascination with China blossomed during her university years and afterwards, when she had the opportunity to observe a missionary at a Chinese church in London.

In addition to her missionary work, Joanna assists adults with learning difficulties. She has also authored several books, including children’s literature and poetry collections.