Unlocking Innermost Thoughts by Andrew Beattie


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In his second outing, Andrew Beattie captures the inner conflict of the mind through poetry.

This unique collection of poems engages with reality, hidden behind the facade of world ideology. The irony is reflected in isolation caused by a detachment from society.

Glimmers of hope appear to be unlocked in dreams. The book’s title is found in ‘Contentment’, where the poet’s ‘poetically woven mind’ points to ‘inspirational dreams’.

From the outset, the poem ‘Leonardo’, ignites the imagination with ingenious images of a ‘monotonous world’. On this journey, you are invited into the heart and mind of the poet speaker as relevant issues of social awkwardness, autism, doubt, fear, depression, paranoia and loneliness are addressed. Refuge is offered in moments of hope, optimism and dreams.

Unlock your desire and determination as you share in real emotion by Unlocking your innermost thoughts.

About the Author

Andrew Beattie was born and raised in an area of Belfast renowned for the Troubles. Through those dark days he scribbled on paper his thoughts and since then has captured the hearts of people through his poetry.

Page count- 44 pages (Colour)