The Permeation of Tears by Andrew Beattie


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For over 30 years the Troubles of Northern Ireland was headline news around the world. Nearly every family in the province was touched by some type of the violence; whether it be bombing, shooting, rioting, kidnapping. Many, many innocent people suffered.

In the midst of those children being born into the conflict Andrew (Andy) Beattie was born. Raised in one of the most dangerous areas of Belfast he sought like any other child to stay alive and norm was… barricades across the street, hooded gunmen, staying away from ‘the other side’ even though they looked like him, it was better not to enter that community.

In this remarkable book Andrew takes the darkness of yesterdays and brings light through them in his poetry of The Permeation of Tears.


I awoke to this world on a snowy March afternoon in 1964, thrusted into the bowels of Glenbryn, Ardoyne, Belfast. It was peaceful almost tranquil place in those days where religion was never mentioned. Then in 1969 it was to be in the eye of the storm.

About the Author

Andrew Beattie was born and raised in an area of Belfast renowned for the Troubles. Through those dark days he scribbled on paper his thoughts and since then has captured the hearts of people through his poetry.

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