Time to Look Up by Erin Lee Gray


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“I’m coming to you not as a preacher, guru or teacher but as a friend to share some of my own experiences in young-adulthood and give some advice in a couple of different areas, with the aim to help you in some way on your journey.” Erin

Have you ever felt consumed by all life has to throw at you?

Do you ever feel uncertain of your future?

Do you ever question what you should be doing?

Have you ever felt the pressure to prove yourself to others?

These are just a few of the questions that can raise their head throughout life, especially in young-adulthood when everything is shifting. It can be really overwhelming trying to figure everything out, feeling like you have to have it all together and wondering how to live your ‘best life’. The truth is we all need not just a little bit but a whole lot of Jesus.

In this fabulous book, Erin takes her readers through learning about the heart of the Father and trusting in Him, building right relationships and stewarding well what you have, through to the difficulties of losing someone close and being careful of the influences around you, but fundamentally, learning to live in the freedoms of the Christian walk: to have fun and live an abundant life.

It’s time to let go of the baggage of your past; It’s time to look up!

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Erin Lee Gray, is a young girl in her twenties, who seeks to build her life upon Jesus. She is a multi-passionate individual with a deep love for family, creativity, having fun and a good cup of tea.

A Christian from childhood, Erin still enjoys learning more about the love and character of Jesus. After studying business management at university, she continued her studies in design. As well as writing, she serves her church family in youth ministry, creative teams and young adult involvement.