From Nothing – Ex Nihilo by Trace Taylor

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“FROM NOTHING – EX NIHILO, is on a par with Frank Morison’s Who Moved The Stone? And C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity.”

Many times the question has been asked, ‘How can you believe in what you can’t see?’ This book is an answer to that question.

Where do we come from?

How did creation come into existence? 

Is there really a Creator?

Is there an invisible realm that we can tap into?

Does it even matter?


These are the questions posed at the beginning of Trace Taylor’s debut book.

What follows is a detailed discussion relating to creation, existence, faith and the answer to some of life’s burning questions, such as ‘if there is a loving God, what does He allow suffering?’

Drawing on a range of scientific evidence to broaden her audience’s thinking, from the sonic boom, our incredible breath that preserves life through CPR, to the mystery of the paranormal, even a relatable case study of Anakin Skywalker, Trace adds another dimension to our reasoning.

In FROM NOTHING – EX NIHILO, you will be presented with proof that undeniably points to the existence of an unseen dimension and its impact on our lives.

Page Count: 184


Trace Taylor is a songwriter, recording artist and now with her first book, From Nothing Ex Nihilo, an author.

A married mum of two from England, Trace is also a qualified teacher of CCM style singing with London’s The Voice College, coaching in the arena of public speaking, stage performance and vocal therapy.