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In the captivating discourse of ‘The Ministry of the Father’s Heart’ series, Heather Thompson takes us on a profound journey through the depths of human suffering and the divine power of restoration.

Amidst the brokenness of our world and the scars we carry, there emerges a beacon of hope, pointing directly to the heart of God. In “Divine Restoration,” Heather explores the profound healing that awaits those who seek solace in the arms of their Creator. With grace and wisdom, she unveils the transformative power of divine intervention.


The Path from Torment to Rest: Through the powerful words of Matthew 11:28, find solace and release from your burdens as you learn to surrender to the rest only God can provide.

From Captivity to Freedom: Experience the awe-inspiring stories of those who were once prisoners of trauma, but emerged as triumphant souls, restored by God’s unwavering love.

Embracing Divine Restoration: Witness the gentle touch of God as He illuminates the darkest corners of life, replacing anguish with beauty, despair with hope, and ashes with a majestic crown of restoration.

With an eloquent narrative and profound insight, Heather weaves a tapestry of resilience, faith, and ultimate redemption. Each page resonates with the promise of a new beginning, reminding us that even amidst our deepest pain, God’s transformative love can fashion a crown of beauty from the ashes of our lives.

Prepare to be inspired, moved, and forever changed by this testament to the boundless compassion of the Father’s Heart. Join us in the triumphant unveiling of ‘Divine Restoration’ and let the healing begin.

About the Author
Heather Thompson was born in Scotland, the daughter of a Church of Scotland minister. She gained an honours degree from the University of Edinburgh and taught mathematics in Further Education. In 1979 she came to Northern Ireland, the homeland of her mother, and completed a Master’s degree in Computing Science at Queens University, Belfast, while tutoring there on the PGCE course. In 1988, she answered the call of God to full-time ministry and completed a Theology Diploma in Union College, Belfast. She served as a member of the Pastoral Team in West Presbyterian Church, Bangor, for twenty-three years until 2011, when she retired. During that time, she led various groups, including Prayer Ministry and Life in the Spirit Seminars, visited homes pastorally, and completed accreditation with the Association of Christian Counsellors. Along with those on her counselling/ministry team, she ministered restoration and healing under the guidance of the Holy Spirit top many who were broken-hearted or had been fragmented because of trauma. She has a daughter, Susan, and son Niall and daughter-in-law Mages, and three children, Benjamin, Sophie and Charlotte.

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