Amazed by George Jones



One of Northern Ireland’s finest entertainers George Jones, captured many hearts with fun, laughter and intrigue but it never started out that way.

When his father heard that George wanted to go into entertainment he said, “You’ll never get anywhere playing that auld ukulele!” It rocked George’s world causing him for many years to live against the will of his father, until a day came when his father admitted, he was wrong.

Becoming a talented musician and an award-winning broadcaster, George has now been entertaining us now for over five decades through the Troubles, as a singer, entertainer, television host and on the Queen Elizabeth 2 ship. In the midst of all of this came memorable icons such as Clubsound, Belfast Sadie, Shankill Airways, Belfast Belfast; and so much more.

He became one of Northern Ireland’s leading radio hosts leading him to interview hundreds of people, from world famous personalities to people who were seeking to end their lives live on air. It would be George’s charm that would allow famous people to reveal secrets and those who sought to end their life – to give them hope.

Fame, fortune, wining and dining was common in a celebrity lifestyle, but no matter who we are challenges will come and they can suddenly drive a wedge between the good and the bad times. At times he would have to lift himself off the ground and start all over again.

Celebrating over 50 years together, Clubsound is now performing their farewell tour, George being the young age of 78 and the rest of the loyal bandmembers; we better not disclose their ages.

When the world closed down in 2020 with Covid, those in the entertainment business like many others, lost their income. What took place in George’s life was another miracle. A ‘gift’ opened that his sister Sally had spotted over 60 years ago within him of painting, now this gift goes around the world.

George still continues to help people enjoy the here and now in life. So, sit back, grab a cup of tea and let’s go for the ride in George’s unique humour!

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George is a family man and married to Hilary, they attend to horses on their stables outside Newtownards, Northern Ireland. For years Hilary ran a riding school for the disabled until retiring in 2022.

They have two children; daughter Natalie and son-in-law Jeff, and two granddaughters, Sophie and Jessica. Their son Jason and grandson Ethan, live in the Austrian Alps.

A Christian family, George’s life is a testament to his God-given talents.