The Secret of the True Catholic Church by Joseph Heaney


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Joseph Heaney was like any guy, he loved the dances, the girls, well especially this one girl, and drink at the weekend with his friends.

But as challenges beset him about who he really was as a person, and what really took place with his mother and sisters in the church… Joseph was to embark on a journey in not just discovering what took place with his family but he would also discover himself.

The questions that he was never allowed to asked at home or at church all of a sudden took another meaning… it was vital he found answers.

About the Author

Joseph Heaney, one of a family of ten children, was born to Roman Catholic parents who lived in a majority Protestant community in Belfast. His post primary school education was by way the school of hard knocks, and experience gained from the various jobs he under-took. By the time he was twenty he was known as a thoughtful serious young man ready to take on the responsibilities of family life with Myra, and later their four children.

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