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The Brickyard Children

fresh water

Having just returned from Pakistan, it was a place that forever will be in our hearts.

Some of the things we saw…

Hunger for God – People travel long distances to attend conferences, even in the heavy rain. Some would arrive soaked sitting with their wet clothes on, knowing wet clothes in the heat of the day would dry quickly.

Healings – One church people were declaring healing to the degree, a person walking pass the church, ran into another church and brought everyone into the location we were it. In hearing that, it made sense why the prayer lines were not becoming any shorter.

Danger – White people in Pakistan sticks out like a sore thumb and precautions were taken. Due to being raise in the height of The Troubles in Northern Ireland this helped us to be alert to many of the dangers. Police/army were stationed nearly every 1000 yards around Karachi, with the city ringed off to stop suicide bombers entering the city. Even McDonald’s had a policeman with AK 47 on him.

Poverty – In one of the villages we noticed a like straw dwelling thinking it was for cattle. Yes, it was but it was also a home for one of the brickyard families. They slept among the cattle and their calves, cow manure lying beside their beds, while in the corner a makeshift kitchen… unreal!

Brickyard Children – To watch children so young up to adulthood making bricks in 50 degrees temperature, working as hard as any man, seeking to make 1000 bricks before they can get paid $4 (£3.30). This is what the family seeks to make – 1,000 bricks a day! Out of the $4 they will have to purchase their food, some will pay rent, but most if not all are never able to pay off their debt to the brickyard owner. Because of that… these families are enslaved for generations, never seeing a way out!

Debt – Majority of the adults in the brickyards are farmers. A common cause to the debt it where the farm’s crop fails and leaves the farmer no option but to seek a loan… but the farmer is illiterate. And on signing the agreement which is set for them not to be able to pay back… they sign their lives away not knowing what they’ve done. Once the farmer is unable to keep paying the loan, the debt collectors comes and removes the family, selling the family to the brickyard owner. They now are enslaved!

What is our plan?

Our plan is to support these families and while supporting them in food and clothing, to purchase land for farming and accommodation. To set up a school to teach the children and adult learning centre (teaching the children/adults will break the cycle), then to purchase the families off the owners, to set them free.

What do we need?

We need to raise funds to set these people free from hunger and slavery. Can you help?

£25 per month can feed a family

£200 can put fresh water into a village

£200 can purchase a family (this is minimum price)

Presently we are seeking secure buildings and land for training, farming and education for the parents and children.

If you are seeking to help us, please drop us a note to – info@MauriceWylieMedia.com